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The Great Adventure!

This is my story of my great adventure to the Mole! I had amazing 3 and half hour ride on a dirt bike to the mole. When I got there I helped Jose and Jody put together some furniture that they had shipped in. It was beautiful riding there all alone with God thinking about life and my future ministry. After I recovered from my sore bottom I took off again to Saint Louis. This is where my adventure began. I began my journey with a Haitian named Cas and we got to a city name Jean Rebel and he had problems with his bike. He told me to go on ahead. It was started to get dark so I knew I had to get home. I was flying home it was gorgeous the sun setting and the wind on my bald spots. I was passing the la baie and I was heading down a hill. There was a washed out part of the road and I didn’t see it in time. My front tire hit the small canyon and the bike flipped. It was by the pure grace I’m ok at least mostly. I hit my chin first and then the bike landed on my leg. I just laid their processing what happened and what was wrong. I was scared to death. I realize that most everything was ok. I couldn’t move my leg. I was scared something was broken. A couple Haitian came and helped me. They lifted the bike off my leg and helped me up. My leg was cut and bruised. My hands we bleeding. There where some scraps on my chest and my shirt was ripped. The Haitians grabbed some water and washed the blood off. Then they wiped my clothes down. They asked if I was ok. I said I think so. I got on the bike with a throbbing leg and shaken nerves. The Haitians rode with a while just to see if i was ok. My heart was so touched. I took a moment to realize what had happened and thanked God. then I headed on again. I finally to port de paix. It was really dark and I have no light on my bike, but I needed to get home. I got through port de paix because there was enough light but when I got out of the city I was in darkness. I tried to follow people with light but they were few and far between. I was almost at my limit. i passed La point and an angel came who was a large Haitian. He asked if he could help. i said please he road next to me with his light for both of use all the way to Saint Louis. Then he was gone. I can not express in words the last 2 hours of my trip. It was full of ups and down, but over all ups. God really showed himself in a tangible way last night. I hope this story is a blessing. I’m ok my leg is really sore and bruised, but im fine. I feel like i just played in a football game against auggie.


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