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I have had an amazing week working with friends new and old. We had a small group of football players from all over the country(two from the Tennessee Titans and one from the CFL). I loved serving with like-minded people who loved the Lord and football. The group meshed really well from the first day. We had a great opportunity to serve and minster to numerous different groups. We started our trip in St. Louis with two days of basketball and construction. We had an opportunity to give out 60 pairs of shoes to some of the teenagers we were playing basketball with in St. Louis. It was a great competitive game. We also had the opportunity to set up a tent on the Island of Tortuga. When I say tent I mean a huge military tent which we will be used for church building. It was a momentous task. We disassembled the tent carried it and put it on a little rickety boat and sailed over to Tortuga. It was a journey, but we got it done. After our adventures here we headed over the river and headed to La Baie. In the La Baie we were able to hand out 20 goats to families in need in the La Baie. It was such a blessing. We also painted the orphanage and did a little cistern project. The time spend in the La Baie developing relationships and spending time with the community was amazing a life changing.


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