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I have been home for a week now with my beautiful bride to be and I have had some time to think and process. This summer was a world wind of excitement and of sadness. I have been extremely blessed to see God work through our ministry at Northwest Haiti Christian Mission and in my life. I have seen my relationships grow with the missionaries as well as the Haitians. I feel like my family has continued to grow and as I start this process of joining my family with Natasha’s, it will grow even more. I have had my heart broken by death in Haiti over and over again, but I have seen the birth of many new lives in Christ. I am continuing to grow in my faith as well as developing as a missionary. I feel like I’m just starting to get a grasp on being a missionary and I’m trying to understand what it means to be a stranger in two lands. I don’t totally fit in in Haiti and I feel like a foreigner in my own land. Most people don’t understand what what it is like, but the few that do understand will see my heart. People ask me all the time what do you do? ” I’m a missionary in Haiti” I reply. “Oh thats nice” or “It must be hard”. I reply “Yes it is, but I love it” and the conversation ends. This happens day in and day out. It’s even harder sometimes with friends and family. They want to help and they try to understand, but it is so hard to explain. I do not put the blame on others; I have to take responsibility for my own actions. I often avoid talking about the harder topics and the pain of day in and day out activities. It is also so hard to explain the mighty rush of God’s power and Spirit descending on a group of people or even me. I wish I were a writer so I could share with words what is going on in Haiti and in my own life. For now all I can say is GOD IS ENOUGH and PRAISE HIM FROM WHO ALL BLESSING FLOW!


Why am I in Haiti?

After a couple of rough days in Haiti, God has blessed me with a glimmer of insight. I have been abused in some ways by the people I am here to serve, but my spirits are as high as ever. I feel like I can roll with the punches. One never gets used to dealing with some of the things that the missionaries here have to deal with on a daily basis. It is never easy to watch a child suffering or dying, but that is somewhat common place here. I had the opportunity to do a girls soccer camp today. It went better than expected. I loved seeing the girls play soccer some of them, for the first time in an organized manner. As they played, I held some of the little kids that the girls playing soccer had to care for. I had so much joy in my heart as I watched the girls play. The little girl that you see sitting on my lap is 4 years old. She would add commentary on the match every once and a while. I enjoyed just holding them all while we watched their sisters play. They trusted me so much to just sit and hold them. I was honored. I gave them all a little bag of water and we drank it together and relaxed. I got up after a little while to check on the girls and this little boy asked if we could kick the ball together. I said absolutely. We kicked back and forth for a little while and that is when it hit me: God loves us! I know he does, but in that moment it was so tangible I could feel it all over my body. HE LOVES US and all I have to do is LOVE. So that is what I did today I Loved! I know that is the only way that we can change this world that we have messed up. I know it sounds trivial, but sometimes the simplest things are the most profound.