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Why am I in Haiti?

After a couple of rough days in Haiti, God has blessed me with a glimmer of insight. I have been abused in some ways by the people I am here to serve, but my spirits are as high as ever. I feel like I can roll with the punches. One never gets used to dealing with some of the things that the missionaries here have to deal with on a daily basis. It is never easy to watch a child suffering or dying, but that is somewhat common place here. I had the opportunity to do a girls soccer camp today. It went better than expected. I loved seeing the girls play soccer some of them, for the first time in an organized manner. As they played, I held some of the little kids that the girls playing soccer had to care for. I had so much joy in my heart as I watched the girls play. The little girl that you see sitting on my lap is 4 years old. She would add commentary on the match every once and a while. I enjoyed just holding them all while we watched their sisters play. They trusted me so much to just sit and hold them. I was honored. I gave them all a little bag of water and we drank it together and relaxed. I got up after a little while to check on the girls and this little boy asked if we could kick the ball together. I said absolutely. We kicked back and forth for a little while and that is when it hit me: God loves us! I know he does, but in that moment it was so tangible I could feel it all over my body. HE LOVES US and all I have to do is LOVE. So that is what I did today I Loved! I know that is the only way that we can change this world that we have messed up. I know it sounds trivial, but sometimes the simplest things are the most profound.


What New in the Neighborhood!

First of all we all know I am not very good at blogging! I apologize for that. I have had an amazing week serving God. I returned back to Haiti on June 1 and I have been running ever since. I was just in Mole Saint Nicholas serving with Jody and Jose. It was such a blessing. We had a small group of 8 people. Four of them were from Pleasant Valley Church in Missouri and the other four were from Feed My Starving Children, which is an organization that feed people over the world with fortified meals. They give us about 4 million meals a year and we use every single one of them. It was really cool to put faces with the millions of boxes we get. It was also amazing them to see them distribute their own food out to hundreds of kids. I loved being a part of the larger story that God has for the Haiti and to see how He is going to use the Mole to start that change.

In St. Louis the Basketball court is 99% percent finished. All it needs is some paint and to finish putting up the goals. Thank you so much to everyone who had a part in making thousands of kids dreams a reality.

Donkey Adventure

Yesterday was an exciting day and very long. We were supposed to leave at 8 o’clock and travel to Lacome which is about 2.5 hours away from the mission to buy donkeys for the community at La baie. Brandon(New missionary from outside the bowl), John and Laura(the people who funded the donkey project)and I headed to La Baie to pick up ten families and the pastor. We left the mission at 9:00. About a half hour after the trip started we were having trouble with our breaks, so we decided to go to back and get a new truck. We finally got back to the mission, got a new truck, and left again around 10:30.

We made it to La baie and picked up the pastor and the families that were going to get the donkeys. We started to head toward Lacome which is about 30 min from La Baie and as soon as we hit the main road our right front axel broke. So we got out of the truck in the middle of nowhere and sat in the shade to wait. After a little while a scooter came by and we sent the pastor and one of our security guards to look for a truck. We were getting a little worried that there would be no good donkeys left at the market because the market closed around 4 and most of the good donkeys are bought in the morning. However, we knew that God was in control and it was going to work out according to His plan. We got a tap tap and arrived at the market at 3:00. There were about 15 donkeys left but 4 of them were sick. We knew that we had to get at least 10 without paying too much. They alway raise the price when they see Americans. We knew that $128 US was a good price and we ended up getting exactly ten donkeys for less than $115 US each. We even paid $99 US for one! It was an amazing blessing. All the families got a donkey and we prayed over them. This was a great opportunity of fellowship!

HE must increase and I must decrease

I have been contemplating this thought for the last couple days, but it has been a passion of my heart for as long as I remember. He must increase I must decrease. What does that look like? As I have been personally challenged with this statement. I am trying to figure that out myself. Who has Christ called me to be in Haiti and who has He called me to be in general. He has called me to find my worth in Him and Him alone. He has also called me to support my brothers and sisters in Christ. We as body need to quite using possessive language. My ministry, my organization, look what I did or what I got. What about God why do I want to rob Him of His glory. I am so blessed that I had a friend challenge me on this point in love and I hope that this is a transformational step in my life. I would also like to challenge anyone who reads this to deny yourself and let Christ increase. Thanks for reading God Bless!

Soccer Update

I hope all of you are having a blessed week! I know I am! I have continued to hand out soccer uniforms and I have begun to start some of my own soccer leagues. That is what the pictures are of. I have been so blessed by teams and corporations when it come to equipment and soccer balls. I had a meeting yesterday with Ambassador’s in Sports and they gave me some great sport material in Creole. They also gave me some great ideas on how to evangelize better through sports. I am going to start a two day soccer tournament this week or next sometime as a big evangelism project. I just saw the dump truck full of materials headed to the basketball court to work on it and it made me so happy that a dream I had a year ago is finally coming to fruition. It has been a blessed week here among so much pain there is so much joy to be had! PRAISE GOD FROM WHO ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!

Prayer request

That the outreach Soccer tournament will be a success!
Clarity on where God is leading me!
For Support of Sports in Haiti!
The Port Au Paix campus

Heavy Heart

I have been in Port au Prince for two days now picking up short term groups and it has been a humbling experience. The groups have been great and the transition has been smooth. It stormed last night and the rain fell hard. My heart broke for the people here living in the tent cities. It seems like the number of tents and people have doubled since I was here in Port au Prince a couple weeks ago. Life is still hard here in Port au Prince and Haiti is already being forgotten. I visited a military base today looking for a friend of mine and they were talking about there plans to move out in the next couple of months. It hurts my heart to see people living like this and not being able to give everything I have. I know that God has a plan and I trust Him in his plan. Christ is what give me hope and the people of Haiti!

The Biggest Donation!

I just wanted to write a quick note of an amazing blessing that continues to bring hope not only to my soul, but hopefully to yours.
I just visited my dad’s school today and I was almost brought to tears. Here is the story.  My Dad works at Spencer elementary in Savannah, Ga. It is a low income school in the heart of Savannah’s inner city. 99% of the kids at my dad’s school are at or below the poverty line. They all receive free meals twice a day. Some of the kids come from homeless families and those are the only meals they receive. When my dad’s school heard about the earthquake they moved into action. They started a fundraiser to raise money for our mission. I was blown away. My heart was warmed at the thought of kids helping kids. I went to his school today and they presented me with the check. It was for 1,685 dollars. All the kids have been bringing in nickels and dimes for over a month to help Haiti. How great is our God! I was so blessed by this experience and hopefully you all are as well.