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Soccer Sponsor Letter

Dear Sir or Ma’am,


My name is Grant Roszkowiak and I am an American living in St. Louis du Nord, Haiti doing relief and development work with an organization called Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.  In seeking to serve the people of this area, I have gotten to know the professional soccer team in our city, serving as their team chaplain.  Their determination and commitment is both inspiring and deserving of support.  


It is not hard to find soccer fans in the streets of our city.  From the youngest barefoot child kicking around whatever ball or object they can find, to the impassioned fans screaming and jumping at a game, soccer is hugely popular here.  In our rural Northwest region you find very few televisions, but even a child can tell you if they are Argentina or Brazil fans.    


In a country with rampant unemployment, and a region that is one of if not the poorest in the nation, positive recreation alternatives are a huge need.  Organized soccer is great solution to that problem.  The players in our professional team in St. Louis du Nord are not only the heroes of their city, but also their entire region.  Along with other professional teams in Haiti, they inspire the nation’s youth to strive to educate themselves and rise above the desperate poverty into which they have been born. 


The St. Louis team plays in the highest soccer division in Haiti.  Several of their players have earned the honor of playing on the national team. These players have worked incredibly hard to get where they are. Many of them are “starving athletes,” who still struggle to feed themselves and their families on the meager pay they receive for their talents. 


Even in this relatively undeveloped region of Haiti, we have 500 to 1000 people attending every game.  Some games are even televised throughout Haiti, reaching many more people.  The team also plays all over the country in front of thousands of fans in other parts of Haiti.  They represent the dreams of the poorest section of the poorest country in the western hemisphere.  These players are essentially sponsoring hope for the youth of tomorrow’s Haiti in a seemingly hopeless corner of the world.


Due to our organization’s international nature, we have about 1000 volunteers from the United States and Canada that travel to our corner of Haiti each year, doing short-term volunteer work with our Mission.  We have a number of these volunteers who run soccer camps for the youth, or go to St. Louis Soccer games.  We anticipate growth in this area of our ministry as we continue to partner with and encourage the St. Louis soccer team.  Not only that, but our organization is supported by individuals throughout the US and Canada, many who check our blogs, photos and website for updates on these volunteer teams and our missionaries.  We’re excited to share more with them about our work with the St. Louis soccer team.


Would you be willing to partner with the St. Louis du Nord soccer team?  Whether as a corporate sponsor, through equipment donations, or financial gifts, any support would be very helpful.  Our organization is willing to take care of shipping all donated or sponsored material into Haiti, although your contributions toward shipping costs would be greatly appreciated. 


This is an opportunity to help individuals who are truly in need–please consider helping.




Grant Roszkowiak


One response

  1. i am one of the talented soccer player in my neighborhood, i played for Dynamic FC, Tolu, Lagos, Nigeria. i have the eagerness and enthusiasm to become a soccer star. a lot of my friends have been granted a sponsorship to play soccer in many part of the world. i am still enduring for my time to come. i know this is my springtime in order to emerge.
    please kindly consider my comments.

    October 11, 2009 at 5:52 pm

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